Schools and the Catalogue

This section directly addresses the needs of primary school teachers, and offers support in using the study of water profitably throughout the school year. Water and the National Curriculum is designed to give you some specific ideas on how to apply the available printed materials on water to your National Curriculum requirements. It reviews the contents of many of the available educational publications, and groups them roughly by approach and subject matter covered.

All the publications that are reviewed in the Useful Contacts and Publications section are also listed, with full details on how to obtain them, in the Educational Materials pages of the Resources section. In addition, The River Ocean Foundation has copies of most of these materials, available to study and/or photocopy in our reference library. Following Water and the National Curriculum, we have included samples of several excellent Schemes of Work, devised by local schools and environmental groups. All of them have used water as a fruitful topic for study. In some cases a teacher may concentrate on one main area of the curriculum, but as there are many opportunities to cover the National Curriculum within the water theme, most take the opportunity to cross curricular boundaries.

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