Introduction to ROC

The Catalogue is the updated product of our long term commitment towards supporting water education regionally and globally; although developed for regional use in the South East of England.

The Catalogue includes a number of ways of offering support to educators and will be of use to individual teachers, particularly local primary school teachers, and a range of curriculum co-ordinators, including many community groups who work with children and the public. It is intended to help you produce high quality work on water by giving you access to much of the materials and support within the region, supplemented with pages of practical support (including examples of successful work schemes, activity pages, ID sheets for marine and riverine specimens, tide tables, & safety check lists). The Catalogue contains everything you need to produce a long, short or medium term water education programme.

The contents of The Catalogue are designed to:

  • Show the breadth of the subject (water), and its relation to various aspects of current English National Curriculum requirements (see Schools- Water & the National Curriculum)
  • Ensure easy access to information
  • Highlight field and classroom support available from individuals and organisations in the region (see Resources- Centres & Sites to Visit, Classroom or Site Support,)
  • List educational resource materials available for sale in the UK (see Resources- Educational Materials)
  • Give practical information for field trips and classroom work (see Field Support)
  • Publicise the educational support that the River Ocean Foundation offers, including Discovery Days out in the field
  • Raise issues which will help children to make connections with the wider world