LowTide 2017 ~ more information for walk leaders

By working together co-operatively on Saturday May 27th 2017 with many other coastal organisations, both in your region and country, we can present a higher profile about our common ocean. We can also hopefully raise issues of the beauty and fragility of our shared ecosystems and the steps necessary to ensure a sustainable future.

When you sign up to find out more about the event and how River Ocean can work with you, we’ll send you a pack which will include

  • Publicity and media strategy to maximise attendance, including unique LowTide poster design/printing.
  • Health and safety regulations and basic tools to use (tide tables!).
  • Up to date facts and figures about biodiversity and climate change. This information, we suggest, could flow in both directions, and need not be “dry” but could include your photographs coupled with the latest info-graphics.
  • Give-aways for each member of the public attending up to an agreed amount. This year the give-away is a 2017 lunar calendar worth £6.

Depending on the location of your walk, and the size and nature of the organisation, you may be eligible for a 95% grant.

For more information Email info@riverocean.org,uk with the subject heading:

LowTide 2017 Education Interest.